Our VJ Ambassadors

Our vieux jeu brand ambassadors embody the essence of excellence and sportsmanship,
serving as role models for athletes of all levels. Each ambassador has been carefully chosen
not only for their remarkable achievements in their respective sports, but also for
their dedication, integrity, and unwavering commitment.

This mirrors our own commitment to delivering exceptional sport apparel and accessories that complement your passion and elevate your game.

Magali Kempen

Magali Kempen is a professional, Belgian tennis player. Magali has a career-high singles ranking by the Women's Tennis Association of 167. Her goal is to be in the top 100 as soon as possible.

"You can wear vieux jeu on and off court, that's what makes this brand so special. You're always dressed sporty chic, stylish and most importantly very comfortable."

My favorite items? "It's difficult to tell which ones are my favorites, since I love every item. But let’s go for the Lara dress, it's my number one!"

Lara Salden

Lara Salden is a professional, Belgian tennis player. She recently returned to play on the international circuit and currently holds a career-high singles ranking by the Women's Tennis Association of 504.

Lara's ambition is to try and make the best out of her career. By staying fit she has the biggest chance to soon reach grand slam tournaments.

"I love vieux jeu because it’s a Belgian brand and offers a unique style. It’s classic, but refreshing at the same time."

My favorite items? "All the dresses! I love to play in a dress because the vieux jeu dresses are so comfortable. Sometimes it even feels like you are going to a gala. I feel more confident on court wearing a beautiful VJ outfit."

Sabine Appelmans

Sabine Appelmans is a former professional tennis player from Belgium. In recent years she combines all her passions in her job, she gives tennis commentary both for Sporza and Eurosport. She also gives exercise classes and workshops on healthy lifestyles in companies.

Sabine's ambition is to stay fit & active, to enjoy herself on the court and at the same time improve her Padel game. "I love the social aspect of Padel as you always have a partner on court."

"The vieux jeu collection is comfortable, fashionable and above all very elegant. I always get complimented on my outfit when I wear vieux jeu!"

My favorite items? The pleated skirts! They remind me of when I was young and used to wear these kind of skirts and it moves and flows nicely around the body!"

Anastasia Huijsegoms

Youngster, Anastasia Huijsegoms is a professional tennis player from Belgium. With powerful tennis, Huijsegoms has the baggage to play more than a significant role at the ITF level in the coming years. Anastasia's ambition is to become number 1 in the world by winning as much grand slams as possible.

"For me vieux jeu is an exceptional brand. The clothing is not only beautiful, stylish and elegant but also offers a lot of comfort and quality.

My favorite items?
"I love to play wearing the Lara and Lina dresses and to finish it off with the comfortable, fun sweaters. I'm happy to be a brand ambassador for this beautiful brand."

Elyne Boeykens

Elyne Boeykens is a Belgian tennis and padel player. Tennis is her first love and it will be her last! Yet her real focus these days is on padel. Her goal is to really compete on the highest level in Belgium and internationally!

"The thing that differentiates vieux jeu from other sports brands is that the items are not only elegant, but very comfortable. Each item is made to mix and match, so you can easily make different combinations through the several collections."

My favorite items? "I love to wear the Gina Hoodies in the different colors on court as well as off court! They fit like a glove! As well as the Lara dresses, these are the perfect combination between sports and style. I adore them!"

Maria Matsoukatidi

Youngster, Maria Matsoukatidi is a tennis player from Greece. She is currently trained at the Tipsarevic Tennis Academy in Belgrade, founded by Novak Djokovic for young talents.

Maria's goal is to be successful in this sport, but primarily she wants to enjoy what she does. With hard work and the desire to improve, she'll try to reach the top!

"I really like the idea of ​​a brand that tries to revive the retro/vintage style. This brand is nothing like you have ever seen before. The elegant details, different styles and bright colors bring a defined uniqueness."

My favorite items? "Such a difficult question! I have many favorites, I love all the Lara dresses, Emma tops, Chantal skirts and Birgits tops!"

Tilwith Di Girolami

Tilwith Di Girolami is a professional, Belgian tennis player. She recently returned to the court with big national ambitions. Training every day and pushing her limits as an athlete to the extreme is her goal. She also hopes to inspire others to lead a healthy life by being more active. 

“I love that vieux jeu is made by people who understand the sport and the needs of a tennis player. I appreciate the beautiful things in life, and that’s why I’m proud to wear vieux jeu.”

My favorite items? "I fell in love with the whole collection. Most of all, I love wearing the items where you see a tennis racket on the clothes, because it represents my sport. I feel powerful and professional when I’m head to toe in VJ."

Stay tuned as we continue to collaborate with more exceptional individuals
who embody the spirit of vieux jeu. We are excited to witness
their journeys unfold and share their triumphs with you!

How to become a vieux jeu ambassador?

We proactively seek athletes to wear and represent the vieux jeu brand. While we appreciate your love of sport and interest in vieux jeu, we don't accept unsolicited sponsorship requests.

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