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It’s another heavily scheduled day, yet you’ve managed to book yourself an hour of me-time
(read: letting/hitting of steam at the court). So when showing up at your sports class,
you better show up BIG time. And you’ll need a good looking outfit doing so...

It's the boho allure of vieux jeu that puts you in other sports spheres. From tennis courts to padel cages to yoga mats, vieux jeu is the go-to label for beautiful yet functional sportswear and accessories. 

vieux jeu
is the brainchild of Ostend-based designer Claudia Storme whose original designs of sportswear symbolize the glamor of a lost era. Claudia has a clear mission: creating sportswear that is not only pragmatic but also stylish.

Claudia gets inspired from one of the oldest games, tennis. Yet looking to the past doesn’t always suggest a yearning for what’s lost; rather, a desire to reinvent and redeem. This translates into playful looks that look kind of vintage. Think of stylish white polos with a short skirt underneath, or dresses with socks pulled up high and a sporty hair tie.

In recent seasons, we have not only designed tennis clothing, but have now expanded the range to include padel, yoga and golf. The collection reflects timeless sportswear, elevated for the everyday wardrobe that embodies a seventies-inspired aesthetic.Perfect for those who want to hit the ground running.

“With Vieux Jeu, you'll hit the court in a polished yet effortless collection. Through my designs, I celebrate the glamor of a lost era, giving classical shapes a modern spin.”

– Founder & Designer Claudia Storme.

The first collection was launched in 2017 and sold out in no time! Over the past few years, Vieux Jeu has continued to grow into a much sought-after sports label among both professional and recreational athletes.

You can find our collections in more than fifty boutiques from Knokke to Brussels and from the Netherlands to the United States to South Korea. And recently we also have our own flagship store, showroom and offices located in the new urban district Oosteroever in Ostend.

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